Staying Healthy
Preventive Health Checks

We strongly believe in the adage ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. In our fast paced, stress filled lives, health pays the price. We tend to take it for granted until something untoward happens. The timely thing to do is undergo preventive health check-ups periodically, not just as a matter of precaution, but in case an ailment is detected, it can easily be nipped in the bud. What is a Screening Test?

Screening is a method of finding diseases in people who do not have any signs or symptoms of the disease being screened for. Preventive Healthcare also involves health promotion, which is aimed at modifying the individual’s social circumstance and lifestyle so that their health is improved (or maintained) and disease is prevented. Another aspect of Preventive Healthcare is the early identification of life-threatening illnesses like heart disease and cancers. This helps in taking timely, precautionary lifestyle modification measures or treatment. The ultimate goal of screening is to help people live longer and heathier lives.

Why is Preventive Healthcare so crucial?

Livestyle diseases are the largest health-related worry for the urban population of India. World Health Organization (WHO) states “Rapid transition in lifestyle has increased the risk of lifestyle diseases such as Hypertension, Coronary Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer, which account for more than 2 million deaths for year.” Most of the diseases are “silent”, We often do not have any early symptoms. Prevention, in such cases, is not only better than cure but is often the only option for a healthy life. Hence regular screening tests are the only way for early detection.

Instructions for health check up
  • The following guidelines will help you through the various service areas during the conduct of the Preventive Health Checks. Please ensure that the following instructions are adhered to while you come for the health checks.
  • Kindly make a prior appointment for the package you are interested in between 9am to 5pm. Packages can be availed only during week days except Sundays and other holidays. Please feel free to let us know incase you wish to re-schedule your appointment. Such re-scheduling should be intimated 24hrs before your scheduled appointment.
  • You are advised to be on empty stomach for 10 to 12 hrs. (Please ensure that you have not had morning cup of tea, coffee or an other fluids except plain water before you come for health check).
  • You are requested to keep minimum 5 hrs time in hand while coming for your health check up.
  • Do not ingest any medication, alcohol, tea or coffee and do not smoke or chew tobacco before your check.
  • Kindly get your urine/stool specimen in sterile container provided by the Centre.
  • If you are taking any other medication please let us know during seeking appointment and also bring all your medical prescriptions and records with you.
Following are the instructions for T.M.T. (Cardiac Stress Test)
  • Male patients should shave the front portion of their Chest.
  • Patient should bring all previous reports (if any) specially ECG.
  • Patient should be advised to stop medicines like Nitrate, B-Blockers (Atenolol, Netopropolol) atleast 48 -72 hours prior to the test.
  • Warning! Radiation (X-Ray) is hazardous to pregnant women.
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