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  • 7 and half months old baby girl gets a new life at Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre

    A ray of hope poured in the home of Mr. Manan & Mrs.Jayanti Chettri when Dr.Manish Madhav (pediatric Surgeon) of Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre decided to operate on their 7 ½ month old girl child Sambhavi Chhetri who had a huge tumour over the back. Sambhavi was diagnosed to have Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, a rare form of tumor seen in 1 in every 40,000 -50,000 population. The baby girl is from a remote village Bagora 8 km. away from Kurseong. Sambhavi was suffering with a huge tumor arising from the lower back and reaching nearly up to the knee joint .This tumor was present since birth and was gradually increasing in size. Normally a healthy child can sit by the age of 5-6 month, however because of the huge tumor the baby was neither able to sit or lie on over back. The baby had to be nursed in lateral position (on the sides).

    The baby was brought to Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre by Fr.Johny Nedungatt, of Salesians of Don Bosco & Sr. Mary P. of  Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. The child was admitted under Dr.Manish Madhav & was properly examined and thoroughly investigated. Operating on such a big tumor in a small baby is very difficult and requires a high level of expertise. Improper excision of the tumor can lead to recurrence, loss of control over bowel and urinary functions and massive blood loss if not handled properly.

    A surgical team headed by Dr.Manish Madhav performed the Surgery; Paediatric anesthesia was given by Dr.Tirtha Sahoo. After meticulous dissection, the entire tumor was separated from the rectum to which it was densely adheread. Along with the tumor a part of tail bone was also excised(to prevent recurrence). After the complete resection of the tumor, the entire muscle complex and pereneal muscles responsible for bowel control was reconstructed to help the baby’s continence. The weight of the excised tumor was 20 % of the weight of the entire child. There was very minimal blood loss and child did not require blood transfusion. The child started on oral feeds from 2 day after surgery and was discharged on day 6.

    Mrs. Jayanti Chettri ,Mother of Sambhavi Chettri said “I have visited several hospitals, but they say the operation would cost around 1.50 lakh, My husband is seasonal worker and most of the time stays unemployed, i don’t have so much money to afford .we were helpless. I was not sure whether such a difficult surgery could be done in siliguri or not and even if it was possible here, I was sure we could not afford it. ” but Dr.Manish Madhav, Paediatric Surgeon of Neotia Getwel hospital ,emerged as a good Samaritan and waived off his professional fees completely.

     “When Father Johny Nedungatt of Salesians of Donbosco, Siliguri referred the child to me saying their parents were in need of help. It was an instant decision by me and management of Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre. I knew that the tumor if not operated at the earliest had chances of becoming malignant that could be life threatening. As a part of my social responsibility, I operated on the child. Sr. Mary P. & Fr.Johny Nedungatt collected Rs.42000 from the well-wisher and contributed  for the treatment cost &rest of the amount was sponsored by Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre. The surgery is a complete success. Child has recovered well is on regular follow up and is able to sit and has complete bowel and bladder control” Said confident Dr.Manish Madhav.


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